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Wagering Analysis and Security Platform

Wagering integrity at an unparalleled level is now achievable with the TRPB's Wagering Analysis and Security Platform "WASP". This platform currently provides each Thoroughbred Racing Associations' member track officials with a robust integrity toolset for distributed betting networks. A variety of reports and modules are included which assist users with timely examination of wagering detail.

WASP home page

Authorized associations have access to several WASP tools through the secure website portal of On a per-racetrack or per-association basis, the previous five years of betting sales, liabilities and commissions are available, with drill down to location/race/pool detail level. Additional downloadable reports include data pertaining to win odds, probables for exotic prices, cycle-by-cycle pool totals, and price histories for each pool offered. Win odds progression, displayed as each runner's percentage of the net win pool, is available for viewing as betting is occurring in the Betting Analysis module, as is immediate post-race estimated vs. actual price graphing.

Cyclical Odds Module

Cyclical Odds module

Estimated Prices Module

Estimated Prices module

In addition, TRA Racetrack Manager clients can query ticket detail within minutes of betting pool close time, giving them quick access to pertinent information such as bet and/or cancellation location, amount, transaction time and runner structure/selection. On multi-leg Pick pools, an association can view bet details on a leg-by-leg basis as the races progress, providing precise forensic examination.

Transaction Detail Report

Transaction Detail report

Another invaluable investigative tool is the Racing Detail module of Racetrack Manager. As an analytical tool, complete racing and past performance histories can be drilled down, using up to 25 factors in building a customized query for reporting.

Racing Detail Report

Racing Detail report

The WASP platform is continually enhanced and refined to meet the needs of member and contracted associations. Among the enhancements in development is a module for the monitoring of exchange wagering that will provide fixed price and volume trades of each runner during the trading period.

For any questions or comments concerning the Wagering Analysis and Security Platform, or a dialogue on how your racetrack association or regulatory jurisdiction can join, please write to or call TRPB.