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If you suspect or know of any wrongdoing within the racing community, give us a call toll-free.

All calls are treated confidentially and you may remain anonymous.

Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau Integrity Hotline


You can also contact us via e-mail at

In an effort to increase awareness of matters adversely affecting the integrity of the sport and business of thoroughbred racing, and to augment its investigative capabilities, TRPB has instituted a toll-free Integrity Hotline. Contact us whenever you become aware of any information, activity, or improper practice that is against the best interests of Thoroughbred Racing.

In furnishing information to TRPB, you may choose to remain anonymous. However, we encourage speaking directly with a TRPB representative. In so doing, TRPB would be given a greater opportunity for the development of additional detailed information that in turn would enhance the potential for a quick and accurate conclusion of subsequent investigation.

Each of us has an obligation to protect and foster the integrity of our sport, so don't hesitate. If you are aware of improper activity, contact us today!